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round button chicken

My first {pretty, happy, funny, real} post! Like Mother Like Daughter have a {phfr} post every Thursday for other bloggers to post pictures of their week – something pretty, something happy, something funny, and something real – capturing the context of contentment in everyday life. Love it!


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Last week Benedict and I visited my sister-in-law who was staying at Wickenden Manor. Its the best time of year to visit this place, the grounds and gardens are beautiful and all the flowers are in full bloom.

photo 2-2 copy 2

Both so pretty. Benedict started to make his “going-to-sleep” noises on Auntie Catriona’s shoulders – he must have been pretty comfortable!

photo 4-2

You’ve got to love that beautiful smile! And he’s doing what he does best – crawling at top speed when no obstacles are in his way!



This photo makes me so happy, I love it! We were just at home messing around but it reminds me how lucky I am – such an awesome family!



photo 1-2 copy 3

This photo makes me laugh every time I see it! Benedict loves spending time on our balcony and I just caught him when he was cheekily putting his mouth up against the window!

photo 2-2 copy 3


photo 2-3

I have never dropped an iron, until my husband and I bought our first home… We now have two iron marks on our sitting room floor!!! The first time wasn’t completely my fault(!) Eoin spilt wax on the carpet, so dutifully I tried brown paper and iron (but the heat on the iron was at its highest!). The second time I actually did drop it, and I just stared at it in complete shock that now we have two iron marks on the floor… Not great but unfortunately very real!

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You are Momnipotent!

I had to post this – It’s quite American but then I don’t think “Mum-nipotent” has the same ring to it! The video was made by Ascention Press for Mother’s Day and its pretty sweet. Ascention Press have also got a book by Danielle Bean for Catholic mothers: Momnipotent: The Not-So-Perfect Woman’s Guide to Catholic Motherhood. It’s had very good reviews and definitely worth a look.


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More than two?!

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When the conversation with my “non-religious” friends turns to how many children we’d like, they look at me as if I’m absolutely crazy when I say at least five would be incredible!  I know the norm nowadays is two, preferably one of each, and I think even that “norm” is increasingly decreasing to one child in a family. But I’m from a family of six which I guess is relatively big in today’s world; Eoin is from a family of ten! So I think we’ve always hoped to have our own big family.

Recently I’ve been reading Kimberley Hahn’s book “Life-giving love.”  It’s a good book to dive into when you have a quiet moment; a baby-napping moment!  It’s refreshing to read about children in a positive light; that it’s actually exciting to find out you’re having a baby! The main point throughout the book is openness; it doesn’t matter how big or small your family is, as long as you’re open to life.  The book also addresses the moral issues clouding marriage today like contraception, infertility and sterilisation, as well as talking in depth about the Church’s teaching on natural family planning.

If Eoin and I do have a big family, I know it will be challenging/chaotic/stressful/noisy etc, and my friends are probably right to think I’m crazy. But I know it will also bring about generosity/joy/laughter/fun/happiness.

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A Bank Holiday Picnic


We spent the Bank Holiday picnicking with our “Newman House” friends in Kensington Gardens. I lived at Newman House for two years while I was doing my nurse training. It’s a residential Catholic chaplaincy for the University of London; it’s also a good place to find your husband!  It’s where I first met Eoin and since leaving Newman House nearly three years ago, there have been at least six weddings and two engagements!

We had a lot of fun entertaining Benedict. It was the first time he’s been “let loose” in a big outdoor space and free to explore. I think he would have carried on crawling out of the park if we’d let him – he was pretty excited, much to the amusement of the passers by.

Benedict trying to escape:


Climbing over a sleeping daddy:


Blowing bubbles with Will and Gosia:


With Auntie Maria:



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Grandparents and great-grandparents

photo 3-2

Over the Easter holidays, we visited my Nanna (my Mum’s mum), Granny and Grandfather (my dad’s mum and dad) in Gloucestershire. We’re lucky they live very close to my parents so they get to see Benedict every couple of months or so.

They love what every grandparent loves; seeing how much he’s grown, how clever he is with all the new things he can do – like blowing raspberries and strumming his fingers over his lips while he “brrrs”.

My Grandfather has always put on this very hard exterior, but secretly I think he’s actually quite soft! Benedict will charge across the sitting room floor just to play at his feet, and will start climbing up his legs, with no encouragement from Grandfather, but there’s definitely a cheeky smile that breaks through. When Benedict was first born, Grandfather went into town and bought him a brightly coloured blue and green elephant to dangle from the car seat, and it vibrates when you pull it. My Granny had no idea he’d bought it!

Benedict and Great-Nanna reading a story:

 photo 1-2

Benedict making himself at home on Great-Nanna:photo 2-2

When it comes to babies, my dad has the patience of a saint. He will pace, quite literally, for hours to get a baby to sleep. So Benedict knows him best as “The Granddad Train” And it never fails…

photo-4 copy

Granda-pop (Eoin’s dad) loves having silly fun with Benedict. If he’s not pretending to give Benedict alcoholic beverages, he’s dressing him up in oversized trench coats…

Granda-pop and sherry

photo-4 copy 2