The Perfect Mum Myth

the brady bunch

As a new mother, I’ve found myself looking at other mums with young babies and thinking “how do they do it?” It looks as if they have it all perfectly under control – their baby sleeps through the night from 7pm until 7am (and has done since birth), their baby never screams in the supermarket, they seem to know everyone and anyone who has a baby, and they always look so calm and collected. I can’t help but wonder how these mothers do it.

And its nice to know I’m not alone! This topic came up at different points this week and that made me realise that most mums, if not all, at some point feel like every other mum seems to have got it right while you’re struggling with the nitty gritty daily worries.

The first time this topic came up was in an article on called The Mythical Mom; when we see the good things in individual mothers, we start to put them altogether in our head to make one crazy super-mum! It’s a really good read for any mother.

The second time it came up was on ITVs lunchtime Loose Women (Yes… I have been found to occasionally have it on in the background! Haha!). They were interviewing the mother who founded mums net and she said she mainly started the website to gain support from other mums; she lived away from her close family and felt very isolated, and when she went into town she saw all these other mums on their way somewhere and just wondered where they were all going!

So the next time you walk past a mum who seems to have it all perfectly under control, know that they’re probably thinking the same about you!


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