{phfr} Summer is here!

round button chicken

Joining Like Mother Like Daughter for this week’s {pretty, happy, funny, real}.


photo-4 copy 6

Its been really sunny here these last few days – summer has definitely arrived! And I couldn’t help but take this photo while I was on my way to the doctors with Benedict. Beautiful!

photo-4 copy 7



Our weekend trip to Kiddicare! We’re going on holiday with some friends to Germany in July so we wanted to get a travel highchair and travel cot. But with Benedict waking up so early in the morning, we had a lot of time to spare waiting for Kiddicare to actually open, so B happily occupied himself in the driving seat!

kiddicare 2

I had to include this photo too! Benedict’s play date with Isla on our balcony. They really are very sweet together.

photo 1-3


I know I’ve already posted this video this week… But this is possibly one of the funniest things ever – the McCarthy war-dance! It really makes me laugh.


photo 2-3 copy

This sums up cleaning in our home – clothes drying in the bathroom and Benedict sitting on the cable stopping me from getting anywhere with the hoover! He is absolutely fascinated by it and won’t take his eyes off it, I think it’s in case it comes to catch him! But when he isn’t sitting on the cable, he would easily let me hoover for hours he’s that fascinated by it. So there’s no excuse for not doing the vacuuming!

2 thoughts on “{phfr} Summer is here!

  1. What a gorgeous area you live in! I just found your blog via {p,h,f,r} and had to laugh at your “real” photo. My twins do the same thing when I pull out the vacuum cleaner – they’re sure it’s out for a game of chase, and jump on it all around the room. I have to vacuum during their nap.

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