Celebrations and the taste of discovery {phfr}

round button chicken

Joining Like Mother Like Daughter for this week’s {pretty, happy, funny, real}.



This river is just off the high street from where we live, and you often see ducks, kayaks and canal boats floating past. I saw these two swans together and then noticed the two cygnets in the middle of them. So so pretty.


On Saturday, we headed down to Whitstable to celebrate Fr Stephen’s silver jubilee to the priesthood. What a great day! A really joyful celebration. Fr Stephen is the head of vocations for Southwark diocese, and used to be the parish priest in Balham when Eoin and I lived there. He is definitely a priest working hard for the new evangelisation. These aren’t photos I took but they do capture the event very well.


fr stephens3

When it finished we walked down to the nearby beach with some friends, and with all the buggies lined up on the pebbles, it really made me thankful to know so many other young families.




Our food shopping got delivered yesterday morning, so I was busy putting it all away and didn’t realise Benedict had taken a bite out of a whole kiwi… I think the furry skin really took him by surprise! But once he’d eaten his way to the good bit, I think he really liked it…

                     kiwi4     kiwi5



sleeping b

Benedict never lies still, he doesn’t even sit still for more than a few seconds unless I’m reading him a story. So I had to catch this moment – I think the day just caught up with him!

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