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B’s Latest Antics


Five months have passed since I started this blog, and at that time Benedict had only just started to crawl… Now he’s more active than ever – he tries to climb anything that is potentially climbable; he’ll run for the stairs whenever he gets the opportunity, and the tantrum that follows is inevitable if I dare to take him away!

He’s also just started to walk properly; still wobbly and gets frustrated when he falls (understandably!), but he’ll walk from room to room quite happily. It’s funny to watch him walk out the room as if he’s had enough of our company and has decided to go in search of something more exciting!

6 things B loves doing at the moment…

  1. He’s discovered how to blow raspberries, and impressively loud and wet ones at that! I think my laughter just spurs him on, so when he’s had enough I’m absolutely soaking!
  2. He loves playing with his Noah’s Ark figures, and makes noises for them as he moves them along the floor… It is so so cute!!!
  3. Blowing kisses and waving at passers-by.
  4. Giving high-fives!
  5. B’s in the habit at the moment of screaming an ear-piercingly high-pitched scream to get more food… not so cute.
  6. But he’ll come up to me, tap me on the leg and make a very innocently quiet “tup tup tup” noise to tell me he’s thirsty (I have no idea why he can’t do that when he’s hungry too…).

Very serious business – blowing raspberries:


Busy playing with Noah’s Ark:

noahs ark

noahs ark 2

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Hannah’s Book Launch

book launch 2

Last Wednesday night, I went to my sister Hannah’s book launch in Soho for her newly published confirmation programme, Transformed in Christ. It was such a great evening with a real buzz in the air; there’s been quite a lot of hype about the programme and people interested in using it in their parishes. We’re about to start it in our parish in November and I really can’t wait to see the fruits from it.

When I helped Hannah with Confirmation a couple of years ago in Balham, we used this programme and I realised how important methodology is when handing down the faith to young people; it was fast-paced, fun, full of great video clips, and yet the content was still rich. I’m incredibly proud of what Hannah’s managed to achieve.

book launch 3

book launch