My Victoria Pancake

victoria pancake 2

Introducing the world’s flattest sponge cake! Hmm… not very proud of this one, but I only had two eggs and was determined to make it before I went to Hartbeeps. It tastes really nice though! And B loves it. I’ve been trying not to bake anything for a while due to the post-Christmas “reducing food-intake” business.  But I’ve really missed baking… and I think this cake shows just how much I need to get back into practise!

It is so therapeutic and calming though – I can give B a bowl and spoon and some “ingredients” and we can mix away together… although mine always seems to be much more exciting, so I end up doing it on the floor so he can see.

victoria pancake

victoria pancake 3



January’s {phfr}

round button chicken

Joining Like Mother Like Daughter for this week’s {pretty, happy, funny, real}.



These flowers were a little ‘pick-me-up’ last week, a reminder to me that Spring isn’t that far away!! I cannot get enough of them, they were just so bright and beautiful. Nothing I love more than fresh flowers on the table.

Below are some really beautiful hyacinths my Nanna gave us for Christmas. When we received them, they were barely peeking through the soil, and in no time at all they’ve grown into these wonderful flowers! Nanna, thank you!







I finally took B to the barbers for the first time! His hair was getting so long and I really didn’t dare to cut it myself. But even though I was really happy about this hair-cutting business, I think Benedict was completely shocked by the whole experience, and about half way through it all just got too much and I couldn’t do anything to stop the uncontrollable wailing that followed!

He managed to cheer up when the barber gave him two lollipops for being “such a good boy”! Below is the after picture; it makes him look so much older!




Benedict has a habit at the moment of diving over the edge of the sofa to pick a book… A boy thing I think! So I think Eoin is maybe giving him a helping hand…? I’m not too sure!

fetching books


fast asleep

Benedict has been waking up at 5am for the past few MONTHS now… and we’re still trying to make excuses saying its just a phase, he’s teething, he’s got a cough, he’s got a cold… But we have tried EVERYTHING! Anyway, it means by mid-day he will drop wherever he is, whatever he’s doing and just sleep! I absolutely love this photo though… so gorgeous.


Reluctant wintry fun

haysden muddy4

There have been days this winter where I’ve just absolutely longed for the summer again! It seems like a distant memory now; being able to take Benedict to the park in shorts and t-shirt and letting him run wherever he pleased, while I sat with the other mums soaking up the sun with an iced-coffee! Instead, I’ve been putting off “outside-play” because it means chasing after a head-strong 18 month old who would rather wade through deep puddles of squishy mud than play in a nice, dry cornered-off tarmac bit in the playground!

My mum’s advice, after dutifully listening to my moaning over the phone, was pretty much: If you can’t beat the weather (or an 18 month old), join them. So I did… I ordered a puddle suit and some wellies and sucked it up and let Benedict have his fun!!

Unfortunately these photos aren’t great… I think B was just having too much fun to keep still for a photo!


Gleefully destroying a mole hill like a real boy! And beautiful hat too – made by Nana!



Some nicer pictures of the country park