Thank you Tesco!

p express3

I think God was working in partnership with Tesco this Sunday – we’ve been collecting the Tesco points for Pizza Express for a while and they were due to expire this week, so we had no choice but to go out for dinner.

Our big plan was to go for a walk, let B have his afternoon nap in the buggy and then go for a quiet blissful meal for 2…. and guess what… it actually worked!!! The number of times we’ve had a “Big Plan” and then the whole thing goes completely to pieces. But this time, this one time, God was definitely working with Tesco!

A beautifully-peaceful sleeping Benedict next to our table:

p express 3

We managed to enjoy drinks, starters and mains before he woke up an hour and a half later… just in time for dessert:

p express 5

B wasn’t actually in the best of moods when he woke up (maybe he sensed what he’d missed and felt cheated!), but we managed to get some colouring pencils which kept him happily busy for a while:

p express 6

p express 2

You can probably tell what a rarity this is by how excited I am about the event. We had such a nice time, and so thankful our ‘Big Plan’ worked this time… and we only paid £11.09 for the whole experience!

(End of Tesco Ad…)


One Big Sort Out

sorting out

For a while now I’ve been desperate to sort out Benedict’s toys. Until now, we just had a big wicker basket where all his toys were “thrown” in at the end of the day; there was absolutely no order and no way of finding all the bits that went with a particular toy, just one big chaotic mess!

So we did the trusted Ikea trip and got one of these units below with some baskets. Its worked so well; it means Benedict can find toys on his own, and he can also tidy up the toys putting them in their own homes. Very very pleased with it!

sorting out toys finish

We’ve also had different storage boxes dotted all over Benedict’s bedroom filled with clothes he’s grown out of. So with the new baby coming in August, I thought now would be a good time to sort out those clothes too. It was quite emotional actually going through Benedict’s newborn baby clothes… I can’t believe he was ever that tiny! And to think that in the summer there will be a brand new baby in those clothes… Really surreal.

sorting out baby clothes

The finished baby basket below with Benedict’s added additions of nappies placed very carefully on top:

sorting out baby finish

I love this photo. I wrapped B up while I was sorting things so he could go in and out onto the balcony… Lots of warm woolliness!

sorting out crocket