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{pretty happy funny real} for March

round button chicken

Joining Like Mother Like Daughter for this week’s {pretty, happy, funny, real}. I confess I wrote this post a while back and never got round to finishing it! So this is a March edition of {phfr}.



A few weekends ago, Eoin, B and I visited some friends who recently moved out of London and into the countryside. We had such a lovely visit. They have a little boy, Joseph, who is quite a bit younger than Benedict but it was nice seeing them interact with each other.


This is just around the corner from where they live, a life away from the busyness of the city. Benedict loved feeding and chasing after the ducks there!



soft play

I could look at this photo forever – it’s just Benedict all over: making fun and being mischievous! And the photo below is exactly the same…!

country park 2


park chatting

This really made me laugh. They look as if they’re two older adults just chilling out and in mid-conversation, completely oblivious to everything around them – love it.


baby girl

…..It’s a girl! We had the scan a couple of weeks ago now but we’re so excited that Benedict is going to have a little sister. I’m nearly 23 weeks already (It’s going so fast!), and it’s already been a much easier pregnancy than with B… hopefully that means she’ll be easier post-birth too haha!!

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Mother’s Day Railway

steam train3

Mother’s Day was really fun last week; it seems a while ago now though! We went to the Spa Railway in Tunbridge Wells to go on the steam train (for Benedict’s entertainment of course!), and as a special offer mums went for a £1 which was a nice bonus. B absolutely loved it! I thought it might be too loud for him, but there were endless “choo-choos” coming from him!

steam train 2

steam train 8

steam train5

steam train 7

steam train 6

steam train 1

steam train

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The Holes In Our Walls

holes in the wall 3

There’s nothing pretty about this post, but I had to laugh at this! Mostly, Eoin is an incredible ‘DIY’ man; he will teach himself anything and then just get on with the job, and he will always finish it off really well. But a couple of weeks ago he wanted to put up another shelf, and at this point I just looked around and laughed. There were already holes in the walls everywhere… and they’d been there for weeks!

holes in the wall 2

A shelving unit fell down on the both of us in the sitting room and the remains were still there. We then decided to take down the shelving units above our bed because we didn’t want them knocking us out in the night, so holes were left there too!

But Eoin did start to put the new shelf up in the end, but half way through we realised the radiator was in the way so we had to abandon that idea too!

holes in the wall

On Eoin’s behalf, I think a lot of it is actually down to the walls of a new build… they’re not great. But I could only laugh when he suggested drilling more holes. I’m just wondering what the next “project” will be.

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Hannah’s Big Weekend

A couple of weekends ago we celebrated a rather big birthday for my sister, and what an amazing time we had! A group of us hired a holiday home in Chichester near the sea for the weekend. We celebrated by eating a LOT, playing games and quizzes about Hannah’s life, catching up with old friends, enjoying walks on the beach, and snoozing by the fire. It was such a good weekend filled with such lovely people. If only we all lived closer to each other!

Below is our “grand designs” house:

hannahs we12

hannahs we16

The parents of little children having a rather early breakfast:

hannahs we8

The little men at the bar:

hannahs we7

A group of us went to Mass on the Saturday and wow was it the quietest most peaceful Mass I have experienced in a very long time! Benedict fell asleep in the car, and then remained asleep on Dom’s shoulder for the duration of the whole Mass… Incredibly thankful for this gift. Although, I think Dom’s arm was pretty dead by the end!

hannahs we14

hannahs we15

Back at the house, a very intense game of chess:

hannahs we3

hannahs we2

hannahs we9

Yes, I was the embarrassing sister who brought along the baby photos:

hannahs we17

Snoozing by the fire:

hannahs we4

hannahs we13

Hannah birthday dinner:

 hannahs bday dinner

hannahs bday cake

I love these next two photos! Joseph really wants to play but Benedict just has other things on his mind:

hannahs we6 hannahs we5

B chasing after Sebastian:

hannahs we boys

One of our walks by the beach:

hannahs we20 hannahs we19