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Pregnancy update: 25 weeks

big brother

I can’t believe I’m already 25 weeks… Little baby girl will set eyes on this world in just three months! So far this pregnancy has been a lot easier than Benedict’s; I haven’t gone off any foods, and smells aren’t a problem either.  I’m also feeling quite big now, the bump is starting to get in the way of things, especially when Eoin and I are both in the kitchen!

Benedict has been so cute trying to understand “mummy’s baby”. We go round asking if Daddy has a baby (and pointing to his tummy), and B confidently goes “Nooo!”… Does Benedict have a baby (pointing to his tummy)? “Nooo!”… Does mummy have a baby? And so enthusiastically he repeats, “Baby! Baby!” pointing at my tummy.

I’m so excited to see the two of them together, and seeing how Benedict is with her. Some friends of ours gave us a book called: You’re Going to be an Older Brother. And he absolutely loves it; the boy looks just like B too with blonde hair and the new baby is also a girl, so he’s steadily getting the idea I think.

We’ve also sold our beloved Bugaboo in order to get a double pram… Research continues… There’s way too much choice!