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Welcoming little Rose into the world


It has been such a long time since I last posted! Quite a lot has happened… Benedict turned two at the end of July (separate post to follow); he’s talking more than ever and I think the “terrible twos” have very much started! We also had a beautiful holiday in Scotland with my family (another post to follow!), but the biggest change in our life is the birth of Rose Miriam who was born on Saturday 8th August 2015 at 18:23 (same birthday as her Uncle Alex) weighing a healthy 8lbs.

She is absolutely amazing! The nice thing about the second time round is that I feel so much more relaxed with her; there’s no first time worries about wondering if I’m doing the right thing, or if she’s feeding OK or feeding enough. I feel like I’m really enjoying her.

rose birth

And my goodness was the birth so much simpler this time round (I’ll spare all the details!). Instead of Benedict’s 50+ hour labour, we arrived in the Examination Room at the hospital at 17.45 and she was born at 18.23!! We left the hospital with Rose around 1am and then on the Sunday we introduced her to both our families, and most importantly, to Benedict.

Benedict’s first reaction to Rose was priceless; I wish I’d filmed it. It was one of real happiness and then he went straight to hug and kiss her (which he now continues to repeat countless times each day!). I know it’s early days yet for the two of them, but you can already begin to see their relationship building as brother and sister.

Benedict meeting Rose for the first time:

Intro Rose

First brotherly hug for Rose:

Intro Rose 2

rose h and j

Rose’s first big trip away was visiting Hannah in Portsmouth a week later…




We’ve yet to take a successful family photo of the four us…



And some final photos that were just too cute to miss:




Rose pout