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Belated post for Benedict’s birthday


Nearly two months since Benedict’s birthday and I still haven’t posted anything… big fail! We had such a nice time though, and quite a few different celebrations… In the way my sister celebrates her birthday, we pretty much had a birthday Octave!

On his actual birthday, we carried on my family’s tradition of meeting in mum and dad’s room in the morning and opening our presents and singing ‘happy birthday’…


In the afternoon, with three of Benedict’s aunties, we visited Hop Farm to see the animals and go on some rides and slides…


We only realised afterwards it was for children 5 years and over…! But he didn’t hurt himself, and it didn’t stop him wanting to go on it again and again! Pretty funny.

And he definitely didn’t want to get off this ride either…


On the Saturday before Benedict’s birthday, my family came to Tonbridge to celebrate…


There’s a miniature steam railway in the park in Tonbridge, which Benedict went on for the first time with Granddad and absolutely loved it… I think Granddad enjoyed it just as much!



And then we had a bit of fun with the frisbee and football… Well, being over 8 months pregnant I enjoyed a good chat with my Gran, sitting on the grass and watching the fun!


Finally on the Sunday, Eoin’s family came over to celebrate…


Eoin made an awesome dinosaur cake, which he learnt how to make here.

Gran and GrandaPop with Benedict and Francis:


Gran and Grandapop gave us a big surprise when they walked through the door with a big mysterious present for Benedict concealed under a sheet… A fish tank!! It had two little goldfish in which we appropriately decided to call Frankie and Bennie. I say ‘had’ because sadly one of the fish died, so we’re now just left with Bennie. But Benedict is still very happy with the present!

bbday fish

bbday fish2