Happy photo of the week

ashdown forest

I can’t get enough of this happy chappy. Every Thursday I take Benedict and Rose to Wickenden Manor for a meditation and confession, and afterwards we normally stop off at Ashdown Forest for a picnic and run around. Benedict is definitely happiest when he’s outside and free to roam around – probably when I’m happiest too!


Oh happy fault


I did an online Tesco delivery in the week, and instead of giving me a punnet of nectarines they sent me 3 punnets of plums. I’ve never been that fond of plums so I decided to bake them with a bit of butter and brown sugar on top and they turned out really scrummy.




Keep calm and carry on


If only this photo summed up what actually happened that day! Eoin had the week off this week which has been such a treat. We started the week off by visiting my parents, and one thing I really wanted to do this time with Benedict was go to some woods where I used to go as a child…

In my head, I had a lovely idyllic vision of Benedict running through the trees kicking the leaves with his wellies… But sadly we hadn’t gone further than the car park before my idyllic vision quickly vanished. Benedict, being two, had one great tantrum. We ended up driving away. But after a bit we thought we’d have a second attempt, certain that this time would be different, so we drove back to the woods. We barely made it out of the carpark before another tantrum emerged. So we went home…!

Not the greatest start to the holiday. But things began to look up that afternoon. We went to the Arboretum down the road from my parents and had a much more successful and happy trip.

I guess the only moral to this story is keep calm and carry on with these little ones.






Out and About


Earlier in the week, Benedict, Rose and I braved the rain and went for a muddy walk in the country park. We wrapped up warm and put on our wellies and ventured into the little woods next to the play ground.

The woods are perfect for Benedict now – it has little windy paths going in and out of the trees and B wanders through them picking up sticks he finds on the way. We’ve made up a little ‘game’ where he puts all the sticks he finds onto “Benedict’s bench” and so when he’s finished the bench is filled with piles of sticks. Very simple I know, but he loves it and it keeps him busy pottering around the trees for ages!

This time we went, Benedict was introduced to a bird’s feather.  It was pretty cute – once he had it, he was on a quest to find the bird to give the feather back to him!

Later on in the week I took Benedict (and Rose!) up to Tonbridge Castle just down the road from our home. It’s nice because he’s old enough now to really enjoy it, running around the grounds and up the hill next to it (without running off which used to be a challenge!) There’s also tons of pigeons and squirrels he loves to chase after too.