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A Surprise Trip to Vienna


A couple of weeks ago, we were sitting down at the table for breakfast discussing what I might do with the children while Eoin was away on a business trip in Vienna the following week. I was mid sentence vaguely making plans to go to my parents when Eoin got up from the table and took a book from the shelf. He gave it to me and told me to turn to page 95…

I actually couldn’t believe it. I found a boarding pass to Vienna with my name on it!! Eoin had been planning it for a couple of weeks, and had kindly asked his mum and sister to look after Benedict and Rose while we were away.

So the next Friday, I flew out to Vienna and met Eoin at the hotel. Our trip was absolutely perfect! I am so grateful!! We chatted endlessly about anything and everything, we wandered slowly around the streets of Vienna, we played cards and drank cocktails in the hotel bar, and we had a beautiful Mass for Pentecost in St Stephen’s Cathedral, celebrated by Cardinal Schönborn with the most amazing choir and orchestra… It was like another honeymoon!

Below are some pictures of the Belvedere Gardens. I stumbled across them on Saturday morning while Eoin was finishing some things for work. The weather wasn’t great, but it wasn’t raining! 




When Eoin finished work, we walked into the centre of Vienna and we found this really fab place for lunch; really trendy and un-touristy.




Pre-dinner cards and cocktails…



On Sunday, we went to St Stephen’s Cathedral where we celebrated the most beautiful Mass with Cardinal Schönborn:




After the Mass we dutifully celebrated Pentecost with some brunch and Viennese pastries!


vienna1 vienna4


The best way to site-see a city in short space of time? A tour-bus! We did it on our honeymoon in Rome and loved it, so we decided to do it for Vienna too! 





For our final evening in Vienna, we went to the nicest traditional Austrian restaurant and ate the biggest rack of ribs ever!




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