Our happy place


We’ve had a very simple summer. We’ve been to the same park three of four times a week and Benedict and Rose couldn’t be happier – I’ve tried to shake things up a bit by venturing to other parks, but they’d rather go to this one. They’ll spend ages immersed in their imaginary games together and going round on their scooters. I love it, it’s my ‘happy place’ where I’m free to watch them play and see what games they end up creating. They don’t have a care in the world and in these moments neither do I.

 And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3



pretty happy funny real

I used to join with Like Mother Like Daughter blog to do a ‘pretty happy funny real’ post of the week in pictures. I don’t think LMLD do it anymore but I miss doing it and think its such a nice way to keep memories of every day life.


We’ve been growing this sunflower for a couple of months now and the flower has just started to open! We’ve been marvelling at how something so massive can come from the tiniest seed… creation is incredible!!

We’ve also been growing pumpkins and tomatoes:





We celebrated Rose’s feast day on 23rd August by baking and decorating biscuits! They were so excited and the biscuits looked amazing:





It poured with rain as we were about to meet some friends at the castle for a picnic. We really needed to get outside so we ran to the gazebo in the garden and had a picnic outside in the pouring rain! Crazy.




It has come to this… we’ve been having a lot of disagreements lately about who sits where and who sits next to who. So now we have names on our chairs… It has mostly worked!


Penshurst Place

Image result for penshurst place

Last weekend we went to Penshurst Place, home of Anne of Cleves, with some family friends of ours.  It’s been a while since we’ve gone to a place like this but I think Benedict and Rose are old enough now to properly enjoy it; it was a really fun day out! We played lots of hide and seek, and introduced to the game 20 and 20 home, and sardines.








Another Summer Birthday Picnic

IMG_0468 (1)

This year we decided to do a joint birthday party for Benedict’s 5th birthday and Rose’s 3rd. We went back to the same place we had a picnic for Benedict’s first birthday… little did we know we’d be returning four years later as a family of five and a proper children’s birthday party in toe. Benedict has been talking about his ‘number 5 birthday party’ since last October, so not much pressure then!

We really could not have had a better day though.  It took a lot of planning but it was so worth it. We had sports day races, pin the tail on the donkey, fajita wraps, a treasure chest birthday cake, a scavenger hunt, and some very excited children!

IMG_0465Scavenger hunt







4b67f9db-35ae-49b3-83c0-c6c56dd07acdSports day races


unnamed (1)Pin the tail on the donkey

664a3ed0-a74f-4c30-92d2-e855458f70e8Birthday cake time!

Eoin spent the night before the party putting together the treasure chest cake. Headphones in and listening to dance music… he was definitely in the zone!