Welcoming Jacob Peter into our family

On Thursday 26th March at 6.39am, we welcomed little Jacob Peter into our family. He was 40 weeks and 4 days when he was born and weighing a very healthy 9lb 2oz.


Jacob was born in the first week of lockdown due to the Corona virus outbreak. It has been so strange that no-one outside our family has met him yet and he is already 5 weeks old! We are trying to focus on the positive side, like not having to leave the house with a newborn (especially for the school run!). It has been so nice not to have to rush anywhere and just be with Jacob and enjoy him. He is getting so many hugs and kisses from Benedict, Rose and Clara. He is incredibly loved!


We were very blessed to have my sister stay with us while we were waiting for Jacob’s arrival – this is becoming a tradition when I am about to give birth… and we are so grateful!! The schools closed the same week Jacob was born and so my sister took it upon herself to homeschool Benedict and Rose – how lucky we have been!

The Covid-19 outbreak also meant that Eoin wasn’t allowed into the hospital until I was in established labour. So from 2.30am until 5.30am, I was alone in a hospital room and Eoin was sitting outside in his car in the hospital car park while I called him on FaceTime. It was the most surreal experience. Once I got into the delivery suite, everything went fine and we had the nicest midwife who reminded me of Miranda Heart!  We left the hospital that evening and Jacob was greeted by some very excited siblings.






Another Summer Birthday Picnic

IMG_0468 (1)

This year we decided to do a joint birthday party for Benedict’s 5th birthday and Rose’s 3rd. We went back to the same place we had a picnic for Benedict’s first birthday… little did we know we’d be returning four years later as a family of five and a proper children’s birthday party in toe. Benedict has been talking about his ‘number 5 birthday party’ since last October, so not much pressure then!

We really could not have had a better day though.  It took a lot of planning but it was so worth it. We had sports day races, pin the tail on the donkey, fajita wraps, a treasure chest birthday cake, a scavenger hunt, and some very excited children!

IMG_0465Scavenger hunt







4b67f9db-35ae-49b3-83c0-c6c56dd07acdSports day races


unnamed (1)Pin the tail on the donkey

664a3ed0-a74f-4c30-92d2-e855458f70e8Birthday cake time!

Eoin spent the night before the party putting together the treasure chest cake. Headphones in and listening to dance music… he was definitely in the zone!





Clara Cecilia


The newest addition to our growing family, Clara Cecilia, was born on Saturday 9th December at 6.15am weighing a healthy 8lb 6oz! She is absolutely incredible and we are all loving her so much.

I was very lucky to have my sister staying with us for a month before Clara was born.  I can’t express enough what a help it was to have her around during that time; doing the school run, baking bread, cooking homemade soups, preparing our meals, but also just being able to have lunch together and to watch a bit of cheeky daytime tv while Rose was napping! It was a really blessed time and I’m so thankful for her.

Clara ended up coming two days late and it was the curry that finally got things moving! We celebrated the Immaculate Conception with a hot curry and two hours later all the action started!

Benedict and Rose are madly in love with her. Every time Benedict comes home from school he goes straight to Clara to give her the most gentle hug and kiss, its really beautiful to watch. And every so often Benedict will burst out with “We’ve got our new baby sister, hooray!” Rose is also very enthusiastic with her hugs and kisses too, we’ve had to teach her a safe way of going to kiss her rather than just pouncing on her with her enthusiasm!

In the hospital:



Benedict and Rose first meeting Clara at home:


Clara at 5 weeks old:






Belated Birthdays

I remember asking Benedict what he wanted for his 3rd birthday cake a few weeks before his actual birthday last July, and he replied, very definitely: “A Noah’s Ark cake…” I thought he was bound to forget that idea by the time his birthday came round, but its been proven – children are like elephants… they will never forget!

But Eoin likes a challenge!! And he really doesn’t give up easily… He did such an incredible job with this cake and has really set the bar high for future birthday cakes!



Benedict’s face was a picture when he first saw it, he was really overwhelmed I think.


A week later, it was back to baking again for Rose’s 1st birthday cake. I absolutely love making the cakes but I’m so messy at the design and decorating bit, whereas Eoin has a real patience with it, so he decorates them! He did an awesome “cow jumping over the moon” for Rose’s first cake:








Hannah’s Big Weekend

A couple of weekends ago we celebrated a rather big birthday for my sister, and what an amazing time we had! A group of us hired a holiday home in Chichester near the sea for the weekend. We celebrated by eating a LOT, playing games and quizzes about Hannah’s life, catching up with old friends, enjoying walks on the beach, and snoozing by the fire. It was such a good weekend filled with such lovely people. If only we all lived closer to each other!

Below is our “grand designs” house:

hannahs we12

hannahs we16

The parents of little children having a rather early breakfast:

hannahs we8

The little men at the bar:

hannahs we7

A group of us went to Mass on the Saturday and wow was it the quietest most peaceful Mass I have experienced in a very long time! Benedict fell asleep in the car, and then remained asleep on Dom’s shoulder for the duration of the whole Mass… Incredibly thankful for this gift. Although, I think Dom’s arm was pretty dead by the end!

hannahs we14

hannahs we15

Back at the house, a very intense game of chess:

hannahs we3

hannahs we2

hannahs we9

Yes, I was the embarrassing sister who brought along the baby photos:

hannahs we17

Snoozing by the fire:

hannahs we4

hannahs we13

Hannah birthday dinner:

 hannahs bday dinner

hannahs bday cake

I love these next two photos! Joseph really wants to play but Benedict just has other things on his mind:

hannahs we6 hannahs we5

B chasing after Sebastian:

hannahs we boys

One of our walks by the beach:

hannahs we20 hannahs we19


Benedict’s 1st Birthday


 Last Monday saw Benedict’s first birthday. One whole year already! Looking back at the year though I’m not surprised how fast it’s gone… So much has happened and I think as every parent says a billion times – I really can’t imagine Benedict not being there. He’s definitely always been there!!

Reminiscing on those first few weeks after B was born I’ve realised how much has changed in such a short space of time. From taking 15 minutes to change a nappy with a patient newborn to getting it down to 30 seconds with a wriggling impatient one year old! From worrying that he’s sleeping so much you want to wake him up, to praying he’ll stay asleep just those extra 5 minutes so you can get those neglected jobs done. From those blissful quiet moments feeding a newborn whilst watching ‘Call the Midwife‘, to dodging food thrown at you from the high chair and thinking where on earth to begin with cleaning the mess from the carpet!

Having said all that though, now is the time where we can really have fun together! With B’s little made up games he allows me to join in with, playing peek-a-boo with faces and toys, throwing and fetching balls, and lots and lots of tickles! I think both Eoin and I have never been so thankful.

So on Sunday we invited mine and Eoin’s family over to celebrate – and it really was such a special day. We had a picnic in the park with sports day activities… You’re never too old for sports day fun!