The Holes In Our Walls

holes in the wall 3

There’s nothing pretty about this post, but I had to laugh at this! Mostly, Eoin is an incredible ‘DIY’ man; he will teach himself anything and then just get on with the job, and he will always finish it off really well. But a couple of weeks ago he wanted to put up another shelf, and at this point I just looked around and laughed. There were already holes in the walls everywhere… and they’d been there for weeks!

holes in the wall 2

A shelving unit fell down on the both of us in the sitting room and the remains were still there. We then decided to take down the shelving units above our bed because we didn’t want them knocking us out in the night, so holes were left there too!

But Eoin did start to put the new shelf up in the end, but half way through we realised the radiator was in the way so we had to abandon that idea too!

holes in the wall

On Eoin’s behalf, I think a lot of it is actually down to the walls of a new build… they’re not great. But I could only laugh when he suggested drilling more holes. I’m just wondering what the next “project” will be.