Dinosaurs, Monsters and Bears, Oh my!

its a bear

Benedict will be three next month… and starting school next September! We’ve gone through the terrible twos; one of the most challenging things I’ve ever been faced with – I’d like to think we’re over the worst of it, but I’m not too sure about that! And now we are reaching the realm of imagination.

Benedict has a great one – he’ll spend hours playing imaginary games with his cars, his dinosaurs or firemen. The only problem now is that Rose always wants to join in the fun too, which never goes down too well!

Benedict does have a favourite ‘three-person’ game too though, and that’s pretending we’re being chased by a dinosaur, a bear or a monster. I have to run around the room holding Rose, looking as if there’s a monster behind us. Eventually I end up at the sofa where Benedict is waiting for us, and he says “I’ll keep you safe!” and gives me and Rose a big hug. But instantly he decides he’s turned into a monster and roars in our face and then we have to run again… he’s pretty convincing!

I can’t help thinking this is such a boy thing… I can’t imagine most girls wanting to run around pretending they’re being chased by monsters!


Reluctant wintry fun

haysden muddy4

There have been days this winter where I’ve just absolutely longed for the summer again! It seems like a distant memory now; being able to take Benedict to the park in shorts and t-shirt and letting him run wherever he pleased, while I sat with the other mums soaking up the sun with an iced-coffee! Instead, I’ve been putting off “outside-play” because it means chasing after a head-strong 18 month old who would rather wade through deep puddles of squishy mud than play in a nice, dry cornered-off tarmac bit in the playground!

My mum’s advice, after dutifully listening to my moaning over the phone, was pretty much: If you can’t beat the weather (or an 18 month old), join them. So I did… I ordered a puddle suit and some wellies and sucked it up and let Benedict have his fun!!

Unfortunately these photos aren’t great… I think B was just having too much fun to keep still for a photo!


Gleefully destroying a mole hill like a real boy! And beautiful hat too – made by Nana!



Some nicer pictures of the country park




B’s Latest Antics


Five months have passed since I started this blog, and at that time Benedict had only just started to crawl… Now he’s more active than ever – he tries to climb anything that is potentially climbable; he’ll run for the stairs whenever he gets the opportunity, and the tantrum that follows is inevitable if I dare to take him away!

He’s also just started to walk properly; still wobbly and gets frustrated when he falls (understandably!), but he’ll walk from room to room quite happily. It’s funny to watch him walk out the room as if he’s had enough of our company and has decided to go in search of something more exciting!

6 things B loves doing at the moment…

  1. He’s discovered how to blow raspberries, and impressively loud and wet ones at that! I think my laughter just spurs him on, so when he’s had enough I’m absolutely soaking!
  2. He loves playing with his Noah’s Ark figures, and makes noises for them as he moves them along the floor… It is so so cute!!!
  3. Blowing kisses and waving at passers-by.
  4. Giving high-fives!
  5. B’s in the habit at the moment of screaming an ear-piercingly high-pitched scream to get more food… not so cute.
  6. But he’ll come up to me, tap me on the leg and make a very innocently quiet “tup tup tup” noise to tell me he’s thirsty (I have no idea why he can’t do that when he’s hungry too…).

Very serious business – blowing raspberries:


Busy playing with Noah’s Ark:

noahs ark

noahs ark 2


Germany, here we come…

germany 2011

On Monday we’re off to Germany! B’s first summer holiday, very exciting. We’re going to Uberlingen, near the border of Switzerland where a good friend of ours comes from. A group of us first went there three years ago and we had such a good time; staying close to the lakes, swimming and boating, staying up late playing intensive and competitive card games!

From Uberlingen, Eoin, Benedict and I are heading to Spain to visit Eoin’s sister who lives there. She has two children and it’ll be the first time they meet Benedict (B’s only cousins!) so we are rather excited!

Then… straight after we get back I’m going on a retreat for a week; my first since Benedict was born and the longest time I’ll have been away from him… very mixed emotions!

So a very busy and exciting couple of weeks ahead.


Time for Hartbeeps!


Recently Benedict and I were introduced to Hartbeeps by some friends who live near us. Hartbeeps is a sensory class for babies packed with really exciting activities to help with their ongoing development. From ‘Numma Numma’ puppets and catchy music to bubble machines and gold shiny parachutes, it always manages to keep the little ones focused – it is so cute to watch their expressions!

Benedict absolutely loves it! He loves watching the other babies, and I’m amazed at how much he actually takes part in the activities; like passively lying down while I pretend to change his nappy, singing the “changing mat” song! At home, more often than not he’s wriggling around while I frantically try and hold his legs!!

I’m really glad I found it, and I’m certain Benedict is too.



Bath-time is one of the activities we’ve done so far, and each of the children were given a shower cap, sponge, and bath toys to practise, along with music and songs…