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I used to join with Like Mother Like Daughter blog to do a ‘pretty happy funny real’ post of the week in pictures. I don’t think LMLD do it anymore but I miss doing it and think its such a nice way to keep memories of every day life.


We’ve been growing this sunflower for a couple of months now and the flower has just started to open! We’ve been marvelling at how something so massive can come from the tiniest seed… creation is incredible!!

We’ve also been growing pumpkins and tomatoes:





We celebrated Rose’s feast day on 23rd August by baking and decorating biscuits! They were so excited and the biscuits looked amazing:





It poured with rain as we were about to meet some friends at the castle for a picnic. We really needed to get outside so we ran to the gazebo in the garden and had a picnic outside in the pouring rain! Crazy.




It has come to this… we’ve been having a lot of disagreements lately about who sits where and who sits next to who. So now we have names on our chairs… It has mostly worked!


{pretty happy funny real} for March

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Joining Like Mother Like Daughter for this week’s {pretty, happy, funny, real}. I confess I wrote this post a while back and never got round to finishing it! So this is a March edition of {phfr}.



A few weekends ago, Eoin, B and I visited some friends who recently moved out of London and into the countryside. We had such a lovely visit. They have a little boy, Joseph, who is quite a bit younger than Benedict but it was nice seeing them interact with each other.


This is just around the corner from where they live, a life away from the busyness of the city. Benedict loved feeding and chasing after the ducks there!



soft play

I could look at this photo forever – it’s just Benedict all over: making fun and being mischievous! And the photo below is exactly the same…!

country park 2


park chatting

This really made me laugh. They look as if they’re two older adults just chilling out and in mid-conversation, completely oblivious to everything around them – love it.


baby girl

…..It’s a girl! We had the scan a couple of weeks ago now but we’re so excited that Benedict is going to have a little sister. I’m nearly 23 weeks already (It’s going so fast!), and it’s already been a much easier pregnancy than with B… hopefully that means she’ll be easier post-birth too haha!!


January’s {phfr}

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Joining Like Mother Like Daughter for this week’s {pretty, happy, funny, real}.



These flowers were a little ‘pick-me-up’ last week, a reminder to me that Spring isn’t that far away!! I cannot get enough of them, they were just so bright and beautiful. Nothing I love more than fresh flowers on the table.

Below are some really beautiful hyacinths my Nanna gave us for Christmas. When we received them, they were barely peeking through the soil, and in no time at all they’ve grown into these wonderful flowers! Nanna, thank you!







I finally took B to the barbers for the first time! His hair was getting so long and I really didn’t dare to cut it myself. But even though I was really happy about this hair-cutting business, I think Benedict was completely shocked by the whole experience, and about half way through it all just got too much and I couldn’t do anything to stop the uncontrollable wailing that followed!

He managed to cheer up when the barber gave him two lollipops for being “such a good boy”! Below is the after picture; it makes him look so much older!




Benedict has a habit at the moment of diving over the edge of the sofa to pick a book… A boy thing I think! So I think Eoin is maybe giving him a helping hand…? I’m not too sure!

fetching books


fast asleep

Benedict has been waking up at 5am for the past few MONTHS now… and we’re still trying to make excuses saying its just a phase, he’s teething, he’s got a cough, he’s got a cold… But we have tried EVERYTHING! Anyway, it means by mid-day he will drop wherever he is, whatever he’s doing and just sleep! I absolutely love this photo though… so gorgeous.


A holiday special {phfr}

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Joining Like Mother Like Daughter for this week’s {pretty, happy, funny, real} post.

We’ve been back from our holiday for over a month and I still haven’t written about it! I thought a {pretty happy funny real} post would describe it very well…

Eoin, Benedict and I travelled to Germany with my sister and some friends for a few days in July. We had also wanted to visit Eoin’s sister and her two children in Spain, so after a beautiful stay in Germany the three of us flew to Spain. There’ll be quite a bit of jumping back and forth into different countries in this post, but bear with me!

{pretty} Germany


This is the German holiday home we stayed in… Inside was just as beautiful and quirky, and the surrounding views were stunning. The shutters were perfect for napping babies during the day!

Below is one of the downstairs rooms:


My sister, Hannah and B in the garden:


Below is Lake Constance where we boated, paddled, sun-bathed, painted nails, ate, played beach volley ball, and entertained little ones:


{pretty} Spain

Now skipping to the {pretty} Spain photos! The photo below was taken when we first arrived in Granollers, Spain and the first time Benedict met his two cousins, Anna and Quim. I think we were all so excited!

first mtg

Anna and Quim with mum Fiona and Uncle Eoin:


And some pretty close ups of Quim:


And Anna:


{happy} Germany

Back to Germany for some {happy} photos! On one of the evenings in Germany, we went to our friend’s mother’s home for a BBQ with proper german sausages and barbecued cheeses.

Marcus’ mum had a hammock in the garden which the little (and big) ones very much enjoyed!


Mary and Phil with their lovely little boy Sebastian:


Below is back on Lake Constance with our friend Marcus’ boat:


{happy} Spain

Ahead to Spain for some {happy} photos! Because it was Benedict’s first time meeting his cousins, it was really lovely seeing the three of them play together; I think he was fascinated by them, he just kept watching them!





{funny} Germany

Back to Germany… This wasn’t funny when it first happened, but by the end of it we were in hysterics. I’m not even too sure how it happened, but we ended up in the middle of a German field, stuck in the mud in the rain… It wasn’t very funny! We were trying to find our holiday home which was really poorly sign posted, and our friend thought maybe one of the signs was pointing into a field with no road…

 german field

After lots of spinning wheels in the mud, Marcus went off into the woods in search of some help. For about half an hour we wondered how on earth we were going to retrieve our car from the field, and then Marcus comes out of nowhere riding on the side of a digger… You really couldn’t have made it up, it was brilliant.

german digger

Another funny German moment on the lake… While the boys were hard at work figuring out how to put the boat together, the girls were sunbathing and painting their toe nails!


We also had a session of beach volleyball on one of the days in Germany… well, we tried to have a session of beach volley ball. It was exciting when we managed to get a rally of two hits over the net:


{funny} Spain

To Spain… Anna, Quim and Benedict had tons of fun in Fiona’s hall way with human tunnels:


I thought Benedict looked quite funny here just in his nappy playing the grand piano!



Something has to bring you back to reality at the end of a fab holiday… Eoin’s wallet got stolen in Spain, and our flight was delayed! So he used that time to cancel all his cards. He took it all very much in his stride though, and dealt with it really well.

lost wallet

One mammoth {pretty happy funny real} post for a brilliant holiday with such lovely memories!


Lovely visits {phfr}

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Joining Like Mother Like Daughter for this week’s {pretty, happy, funny, real}.


My brother came to stay with us this week. He has just finished his final year at school and hoping to go to Greenwich university in September. I honestly can’t believe how quickly the time has gone… I can remember putting him on the school bus when he was 12 and his bag was bigger than he was!

hop farm

It has been so nice having him here… I decided to use this opportunity to discover new places to visit in the area we recently moved to. We went to Hop Farm – a family park with a lot of different attractions, including a reptile and owl show… separate shows not together!

Benedict was fascinated with the owls; he watched them so closely. But I can’t say the same for the snakes and lizards… I don’t think he even noticed they were there!

hop farm 2


Eoin recently found the K’Nex he used to have when he was a child, and he started playing with it again as if no time had past! Benedict really enjoyed it and loved playing with the little pieces, but I can’t help thinking all of this was more for Eoin’s amusement than Benedict’s…!


Like father like son…



I had another one of those “I-turn-my-head-for-a-second” moments! Benedict learnt how to climb our step and then started to play on the trunk… You could argue that yes, that really is a silly place to put a step with an ever adventurous little one… I agree, silly and naive… still a lot to learn!

on the trunk


For ages we have been trying to get Benedict onto the bottle and he has been incredibly stubborn about it! But lately we have had a break through. He seems to absolutely love it now… So this is a photo of real relief and triumph:




Celebrations and the taste of discovery {phfr}

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Joining Like Mother Like Daughter for this week’s {pretty, happy, funny, real}.



This river is just off the high street from where we live, and you often see ducks, kayaks and canal boats floating past. I saw these two swans together and then noticed the two cygnets in the middle of them. So so pretty.


On Saturday, we headed down to Whitstable to celebrate Fr Stephen’s silver jubilee to the priesthood. What a great day! A really joyful celebration. Fr Stephen is the head of vocations for Southwark diocese, and used to be the parish priest in Balham when Eoin and I lived there. He is definitely a priest working hard for the new evangelisation. These aren’t photos I took but they do capture the event very well.


fr stephens3

When it finished we walked down to the nearby beach with some friends, and with all the buggies lined up on the pebbles, it really made me thankful to know so many other young families.




Our food shopping got delivered yesterday morning, so I was busy putting it all away and didn’t realise Benedict had taken a bite out of a whole kiwi… I think the furry skin really took him by surprise! But once he’d eaten his way to the good bit, I think he really liked it…

                     kiwi4     kiwi5



sleeping b

Benedict never lies still, he doesn’t even sit still for more than a few seconds unless I’m reading him a story. So I had to catch this moment – I think the day just caught up with him!


{phfr} Summer is here!

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Joining Like Mother Like Daughter for this week’s {pretty, happy, funny, real}.


photo-4 copy 6

Its been really sunny here these last few days – summer has definitely arrived! And I couldn’t help but take this photo while I was on my way to the doctors with Benedict. Beautiful!

photo-4 copy 7



Our weekend trip to Kiddicare! We’re going on holiday with some friends to Germany in July so we wanted to get a travel highchair and travel cot. But with Benedict waking up so early in the morning, we had a lot of time to spare waiting for Kiddicare to actually open, so B happily occupied himself in the driving seat!

kiddicare 2

I had to include this photo too! Benedict’s play date with Isla on our balcony. They really are very sweet together.

photo 1-3


I know I’ve already posted this video this week… But this is possibly one of the funniest things ever – the McCarthy war-dance! It really makes me laugh.


photo 2-3 copy

This sums up cleaning in our home – clothes drying in the bathroom and Benedict sitting on the cable stopping me from getting anywhere with the hoover! He is absolutely fascinated by it and won’t take his eyes off it, I think it’s in case it comes to catch him! But when he isn’t sitting on the cable, he would easily let me hoover for hours he’s that fascinated by it. So there’s no excuse for not doing the vacuuming!