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Rose’s Baptism

R Baptism 10

Rose Miriam is finally baptised, yay! I know she’s only 3 months, but l feel like she should have been baptised ages ago. She was baptised in Tonbridge by our parish priest, Fr Peter; it really feels like we belong to this parish now and are starting to set down our own family roots in Tonbridge. I think we’re here to stay…

Some of the pics from the day:

Rose’s two lovely Godparents, Jude and Ciaran

R Baptism 14

R Baptism 11

With Rose’s Grandparents

R Baptism 13

With everyone

R Baptism12

Rose is completely unaware that she has just become a child of God!

R Baptism 17

The best photo we’ve got of Rose in her ‘after dress’

R Baptism 16

A snippet of our dinner at Pizza Express

R Baptism 18

The remains of a good party – carrot cake and champagne back at ours

R Baptism 20

cake and flowers

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Welcoming little Rose into the world


It has been such a long time since I last posted! Quite a lot has happened… Benedict turned two at the end of July (separate post to follow); he’s talking more than ever and I think the “terrible twos” have very much started! We also had a beautiful holiday in Scotland with my family (another post to follow!), but the biggest change in our life is the birth of Rose Miriam who was born on Saturday 8th August 2015 at 18:23 (same birthday as her Uncle Alex) weighing a healthy 8lbs.

She is absolutely amazing! The nice thing about the second time round is that I feel so much more relaxed with her; there’s no first time worries about wondering if I’m doing the right thing, or if she’s feeding OK or feeding enough. I feel like I’m really enjoying her.

rose birth

And my goodness was the birth so much simpler this time round (I’ll spare all the details!). Instead of Benedict’s 50+ hour labour, we arrived in the Examination Room at the hospital at 17.45 and she was born at 18.23!! We left the hospital with Rose around 1am and then on the Sunday we introduced her to both our families, and most importantly, to Benedict.

Benedict’s first reaction to Rose was priceless; I wish I’d filmed it. It was one of real happiness and then he went straight to hug and kiss her (which he now continues to repeat countless times each day!). I know it’s early days yet for the two of them, but you can already begin to see their relationship building as brother and sister.

Benedict meeting Rose for the first time:

Intro Rose

First brotherly hug for Rose:

Intro Rose 2

rose h and j

Rose’s first big trip away was visiting Hannah in Portsmouth a week later…




We’ve yet to take a successful family photo of the four us…



And some final photos that were just too cute to miss:




Rose pout

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{pretty, happy, funny, real}

round button chicken

My first {pretty, happy, funny, real} post! Like Mother Like Daughter have a {phfr} post every Thursday for other bloggers to post pictures of their week – something pretty, something happy, something funny, and something real – capturing the context of contentment in everyday life. Love it!


photo 1-2 copy 2

Last week Benedict and I visited my sister-in-law who was staying at Wickenden Manor. Its the best time of year to visit this place, the grounds and gardens are beautiful and all the flowers are in full bloom.

photo 2-2 copy 2

Both so pretty. Benedict started to make his “going-to-sleep” noises on Auntie Catriona’s shoulders – he must have been pretty comfortable!

photo 4-2

You’ve got to love that beautiful smile! And he’s doing what he does best – crawling at top speed when no obstacles are in his way!



This photo makes me so happy, I love it! We were just at home messing around but it reminds me how lucky I am – such an awesome family!



photo 1-2 copy 3

This photo makes me laugh every time I see it! Benedict loves spending time on our balcony and I just caught him when he was cheekily putting his mouth up against the window!

photo 2-2 copy 3


photo 2-3

I have never dropped an iron, until my husband and I bought our first home… We now have two iron marks on our sitting room floor!!! The first time wasn’t completely my fault(!) Eoin spilt wax on the carpet, so dutifully I tried brown paper and iron (but the heat on the iron was at its highest!). The second time I actually did drop it, and I just stared at it in complete shock that now we have two iron marks on the floor… Not great but unfortunately very real!

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Grandparents and great-grandparents

photo 3-2

Over the Easter holidays, we visited my Nanna (my Mum’s mum), Granny and Grandfather (my dad’s mum and dad) in Gloucestershire. We’re lucky they live very close to my parents so they get to see Benedict every couple of months or so.

They love what every grandparent loves; seeing how much he’s grown, how clever he is with all the new things he can do – like blowing raspberries and strumming his fingers over his lips while he “brrrs”.

My Grandfather has always put on this very hard exterior, but secretly I think he’s actually quite soft! Benedict will charge across the sitting room floor just to play at his feet, and will start climbing up his legs, with no encouragement from Grandfather, but there’s definitely a cheeky smile that breaks through. When Benedict was first born, Grandfather went into town and bought him a brightly coloured blue and green elephant to dangle from the car seat, and it vibrates when you pull it. My Granny had no idea he’d bought it!

Benedict and Great-Nanna reading a story:

 photo 1-2

Benedict making himself at home on Great-Nanna:photo 2-2

When it comes to babies, my dad has the patience of a saint. He will pace, quite literally, for hours to get a baby to sleep. So Benedict knows him best as “The Granddad Train” And it never fails…

photo-4 copy

Granda-pop (Eoin’s dad) loves having silly fun with Benedict. If he’s not pretending to give Benedict alcoholic beverages, he’s dressing him up in oversized trench coats…

Granda-pop and sherry

photo-4 copy 2



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My baby is… Dressed in Crochet

Dressed in Crochet - Cover Photo Small

To say that my mum loves crochet is a huge understatement; she lives and breathes crochet! Since she became a grandmother last year, her crochet thoughts have been drawn to babies.  It works out well for me because it means I get really lovely hand-made things for Benedict.  It also means I can give my mum an idea I have in my head, and she makes it.

She’s made him vintage flopsy bunnies,  aran cardigans with red aeroplane buttons on, baby blankets with boats on the corner, little booties, toy bears… I could carry on! So my baby really is dressed in crochet.  But I do have to stop mum when she wants to make me a crocheted tea cosy that looks like a christmas tree, or crocheted coasters and table cloths… and crocheted trousers are maybe a step too far!




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Happy Easter!

the resurrection

It really doesn’t seem to matter where I celebrate the Easter Triduum, it always manages to blow me away. When the Gloria is sung at the Vigil and the bells start ringing, I can’t help but be so happy and thankful! So much waiting and anticipation, and it’s always so much better than what I remember from the year before.

For Good Friday, Eoin spent Maundy Thursday in the kitchen making some home-made hot cross buns – they were delicious!  And what better way to teach children about the Triduum than through baking. I know Benedict really isn’t old enough to understand yet, but we’ve been singing lots of nursery rhymes with him, including ‘one a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns’, and thought it would be fun to make them this year. Here’s the recipe.

Anyone who knows Benedict will know his love for food; he could easily challenge his dad with eating as many easter eggs as you can in one go. So passing on the faith with food is probably the way forward!

photo (9)


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“If you don’t hear crying the church is dying”


Going to Mass is a completely different experience since becoming a mum. I try and take Benedict most days, and if I can manage to stay with him in the pew until the end of the Gospel then its a good day!

The old ladies absolutely love him. They listen out for his unique owl sounding noise of: “cooo-cooo!” to know that Benedict and mum have arrived. At the end of Mass, they crowd around him waiting for his smile, and dutifully he never seems to fail!

I’m really lucky in my parish that everyone is so friendly and they don’t seem to mind the loud baby noises. But at the same time I can’t help but focus on those noises that Benedict makes and wonder how much longer I can distract him before I need to take him to the back of the church. I remind myself over and over again of the quote by an evangelical pastor:

If you don’t hear crying the church is dying!

And that carries me through all Benedict’s funny noises, the noises of a growing Church.

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The Art of Crawling

music box B

At almost 8 months old Benedict has learnt the art of crawling. He only crawls for something worth crawling for though – if its the wind up music box playing “sur le pont d’Avignon,” he’ll crawl as fast as he can to the other side of the room. If its daddy making funny noises and trying to encourage him however, he’ll think about going, do a bit of teasing and move forward a little, and then laugh and turn his attention to something else.

I’ve started to “play dead” with him too. I’ll lie motionless on the other side of the room with my eyes closed, and if I wait patiently enough, I soon hear a small heavy handed “pat, pat, pat” getting closer to me. When he reaches me he puts his hands on my head, and if I’m not fast enough he’ll start pulling my hair. I’ll look up at him, and an inch away from my face he grins from cheek to cheek. He’s just like a little lion cub learning how to play.

music box2