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The Language of Love


On Thursday this week, Eoin and I were lucky enough to attend a talk by Bishop Conley of Lincoln from the US. The talk was based on a pastoral letter he wrote in March for all Catholic families and healthcare providers called ‘The Language of Love‘. It gave me so much joy reading it! It’s beautiful. He talks openly and simply of the overwhelming joy in a marriage when contraception isn’t used.

The Bishop’s constant message throughout the letter is that sacrifice is the language of love, a sacrifice that brings about real joy, real happiness in family life. Within my own life, I can really see the beauty of this truth. I’ve included a small quote taken from the letter, but I’d really encourage reading the whole thing:

Today, openness to children is rarely celebrated, rarely understood, and rarely supported. To many, the Church’s teachings on life seem oppressive or old-fashioned. Many believe that the Church asks too great a sacrifice.

But sacrifice is the language of love. And in sacrifice, we speak the language of God himself. I am calling you… to encounter Christ in your love for one another. I am calling you to rich and abundant family life. I am calling you to rejoice in the love, and the sacrifice, for which you were made. I am calling your family to share in the creative, active love of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.