It’s All in the Cooking

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Eoin has started to take cooking pretty seriously lately. He loves it and loves doing it “properly”. I love cooking too, but usually a weekday meal consists of putting things together that are already in the cupboard with some semi-thought-of idea I’ve had beforehand.

But if Eoin makes something, it will be a well thought out three course meal – no cutting corners and definitely no cutting out ingredients. It’s a real treat. Our children in the future will probably ask why dad doesn’t cook every mealtime. The answer will probably be time, money, and… I still like to cook!

He’s managed to get us both hooked on Masterchef – we watched the last series religiously; to the point where we started presenting our own meals the way the voice-over does with chip stacks and tomato-ketchup jus… yes, sad I know!

He made this seriously scrummy cheesecake when some friends came over the other week. It was so good!



I think it went down really well…