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For my dad – Happy Father’s Day!


With the shops focused on Father’s Day this Sunday, I noticed a common theme in the cards and presents being advertised… a lot of them are along the lines of “grumpy old git!” Ironically this is occasionally used in my own family to describe my grandfather!!! But it made me realise that a lot of the ideas about fatherhood are pretty negative; they’re a bit hopeless, a bit of a joke. How Mothers Can Support Fathers is an article on fatherhood addressing this issue (another good read!).

In my own life I have been blessed with an incredibly dedicated and loving dad, and I wanted to write some of my best memories from childhood that really made me smile when I thought of them…

Dad this is for you!! Thank you…

For the made-up stories you used to tell us before bed, about a talking car visiting the garage!

For genuinely looking excited with the fathers day gift I made you about twenty years ago – two cardboard toilet rolls stuck together to make binoculars..!

For building sand cars for us when we went on holiday to the beach.

For that game we all used to play where you would sit in the middle of the sitting room pretending to have your eyes closed and we would try to pass you without getting caught!

For sitting with me by my bed when I was little and a pain to get to sleep.

For playing the CD “In the Hall of the Mountain King” on demand so we could battily run round the table in excitement!

For teaching me to pray the rosary, even when I was in disbelief at how many whole ‘Hail Mary’s’ you had to say!

For encouraging me to carry on with my confirmation classes – it was the best gift I ever received, and it wouldn’t have happened without you.

For your faith you passed on to me.


Thanks Dad. Happy Father’s Day!