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Time for Hartbeeps!


Recently Benedict and I were introduced to Hartbeeps by some friends who live near us. Hartbeeps is a sensory class for babies packed with really exciting activities to help with their ongoing development. From ‘Numma Numma’ puppets and catchy music to bubble machines and gold shiny parachutes, it always manages to keep the little ones focused – it is so cute to watch their expressions!

Benedict absolutely loves it! He loves watching the other babies, and I’m amazed at how much he actually takes part in the activities; like passively lying down while I pretend to change his nappy, singing the “changing mat” song! At home, more often than not he’s wriggling around while I frantically try and hold his legs!!

I’m really glad I found it, and I’m certain Benedict is too.



Bath-time is one of the activities we’ve done so far, and each of the children were given a shower cap, sponge, and bath toys to practise, along with music and songs…