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You are Momnipotent!

I had to post this – It’s quite American but then I don’t think “Mum-nipotent” has the same ring to it! The video was made by Ascention Press for Mother’s Day and its pretty sweet. Ascention Press have also got a book by Danielle Bean for Catholic mothers: Momnipotent: The Not-So-Perfect Woman’s Guide to Catholic Motherhood. It’s had very good reviews and definitely worth a look.


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My baby is… Dressed in Crochet

Dressed in Crochet - Cover Photo Small

To say that my mum loves crochet is a huge understatement; she lives and breathes crochet! Since she became a grandmother last year, her crochet thoughts have been drawn to babies.  It works out well for me because it means I get really lovely hand-made things for Benedict.  It also means I can give my mum an idea I have in my head, and she makes it.

She’s made him vintage flopsy bunnies,  aran cardigans with red aeroplane buttons on, baby blankets with boats on the corner, little booties, toy bears… I could carry on! So my baby really is dressed in crochet.  But I do have to stop mum when she wants to make me a crocheted tea cosy that looks like a christmas tree, or crocheted coasters and table cloths… and crocheted trousers are maybe a step too far!




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“If you don’t hear crying the church is dying”


Going to Mass is a completely different experience since becoming a mum. I try and take Benedict most days, and if I can manage to stay with him in the pew until the end of the Gospel then its a good day!

The old ladies absolutely love him. They listen out for his unique owl sounding noise of: “cooo-cooo!” to know that Benedict and mum have arrived. At the end of Mass, they crowd around him waiting for his smile, and dutifully he never seems to fail!

I’m really lucky in my parish that everyone is so friendly and they don’t seem to mind the loud baby noises. But at the same time I can’t help but focus on those noises that Benedict makes and wonder how much longer I can distract him before I need to take him to the back of the church. I remind myself over and over again of the quote by an evangelical pastor:

If you don’t hear crying the church is dying!

And that carries me through all Benedict’s funny noises, the noises of a growing Church.